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Synopsis of Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You Manga

The sole thing that gets the middle-aged Sasaki through his soul-sucking job is a cheerful smile from Yamada—the young woman who works at a nearby 24-hour supermarket he frequents. After every tiring day of getting scolded by his boss, Sasaki stops by the store to have his spirit healed by his favorite cashier.

After a particularly grueling day, Sasaki arrives at the supermarket, only to find that Yamada’s shift has already ended. Disappointed, he searches for a place to smoke when a woman from behind the store calls him over to join her. The bold and dangerously playful Tayama is quick to call out Sasaki’s peculiar habit of always seeking out her coworker—even going as far as telling Yamada about Sasaki’s vested interest in her.

Now, in addition to seeing his adored cashier Yamada, Sasaki also visits the store to see if his new smoking partner Tayama is around. But there is more to Tayama’s mischievousness than she initially lets on. With every cigarette, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom.

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Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You Manga Review

An easy recommendation for anyone who even slightly likes romance. It has a super realistic tone with a bunch of believable and likable characters. Surprisingly stays fun and fresh while much the same continues to happen. Romance elements are very wholesome and hard to hate. I feel like this series has weirdly high potential…

All of the characters are super realistic and very relatable. The dialogue is entertaining and the overarching story is fitting – while maintaining a sense of realism many romance manga frequently forgets. I’m looking forward to how the characterization is done for volume 3 and onwards, this series could have a genuinely great story to tell and I hope it meets expectations!

The only downside is a small amount of the art could be of higher quality, however, the series’ current presentation suits the smokey atmosphere behind a supermarket at night well.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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